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Anal sex is a regular occurrence for many people, it’s their primary form of intercourse and something that they love and enjoy, but for others it can seem like a very daunting concept. If you are yet to explore your backdoor or if you are an old hand that just wants a refresh, we’ve rounded up some important tips to note before you take the plunge…

  1. Lubrication is your best friend

The anus is not self-lubricating. So, no matter how turned-on you feel, you will still need ample lubrication before attempting anal sex. Intimate gel is essential in helping to prevent tearing of the delicate skin inside the anus. Silicone-based gels are the best (and highly recommended) to use for anal sex as they are super long-lasting.

  • Condoms are still recommended

Of course, the risk of pregnancy for those with uteruses is eliminated when having anal sex, but the risk of transmitting or contracting sexually transmitted infections is still very real for everyone. All the usual suspects; chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea and HIV are all possible risks with anal sex, so make sure you stay protected by always using a condom.

  • To douche or not to douche

Now, if you’ve never explored any form of anal play, you may be slightly more concerned about what could come out than what’s going in. You might feel the need to do a thorough clean of the outer area before jumping to it (recommended) but you don’t have to douche if you don’t want to. According to Healthline, “Your rectum is a marvelous thing that’s designed to keep poop up high until it’s time to have a bowel movement.”, so there you go!

  • Take it slow

As with anything new, taking this slowly is always the best approach. It’s essential to give and gain consent before practicing anal sex in any form (anus/penis, anus/mouth, anus/fingers, anus/sex toy). Making sure you and your partner(s) are happy and comfortable leads to a better experience for everyone. Plenty of foreplay can help you to relax and feel ready for what’s to come.

  • Have fun

The anus has an abundance of nerve endings, making it very sensitive to touch and stimulation. With plenty of intimate gel, patience and communication, anal sex can be a very pleasurable experience for everyone involved, so make sure to have fun with it!

Remember to always obtain enthusiastic consent before engaging in any sexual activity.


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