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Let’s Talk

Because always asking for consent is essential,
non-negotiable – and sexy.


Every sexual encounter should be safe, pleasurable and consensual. But what does consent look like in practice? How do we ask for it? How do we give it? The more we discuss consent, the more it becomes a natural part of intimacy, the safer and more rewarding our sexual encounters become.
So ‘Let’s Talk Consent’ and keep the conversation open.


What is consent?

Simply put, consent is permission or agreement to do something or have something done to you. In sexual contexts, consent refers to a person agreeing to take part in a sexual act. This could be anything from kissing to touching to penetration and many things in between.

Consent must be enthusiastic and freely given – think “the only yes is an enthusiastic yes”. The absence of a “no” doesn’t equal consent, and if you have to pressure or threaten someone into agreeing to something, that’s not consent either.

“It’s so hot when they explicitly ask.”

Consent is sexy

We told you ‘Yes’ is our biggest turn on.
You must ask for consent before engaging in any sexual activity. Sex without consent is sexual assault. Communication is sexy, and having the confidence to be open, honest and respectful is hot!

So why not have fun with it?
Once you have the knowledge, tactics and language around how to discuss consent, you’ll quickly discover that checking-in isn’t awkward, embarrassing or a buzz-kill, but a natural part of exploring and enjoying intimacy.


What are people saying?

Consent means…
‘Feeling safe to say no’
‘Communicating, listening, respecting’
‘Affirmative, enthusiastic agreement’


How do I want to be asked for consent?
‘With no judgement, and with mutual understanding’
‘Asking ‘is that ok?’ ‘Are you alright with that?’ And respecting the answer.’
‘Clearly and definitively. Asking for consent is sexy!!’


Explicitly being asked for consent makes me feel:
‘Desired and respected’
‘Respected, seen and heard’
‘Respected, safe and VERY INTO THEM!’

“I want to be asked with no judgement, and with mutual understanding’

“My partner and I ask ‘Can I?’ – and if we’re both okay. So simple, but so important.”

“Permission or approval for a new sexual act/touch. Active consent is hot.”

“Asking for consent makes me feel respected, safe and VERY INTO THEM!”

Don’t rush 

Dressing in certain clothes, flirting or kissing is not an invitation to anything more. Remember that consenting to one thing doesn’t mean you have a green light for everything. Establishing an open line of communication and listening to your partner is key. If someone changes their mind, or doesn’t feel like going further, that’s okay! No one owes you sex, and you never owe sex to anyone.


Take ‘NO’ for an answer

Remember people can change their mind. Consent can be withdrawn at any time for any reason – or no reason at all.


We understand that rejection can be difficult, but if your partner says no, it’s essential that you stop. Yes is not a free pass, and no is not a personal rejection.


Remember that drugs and alcohol affect consent. Consent is clear and uncoerced. If you’re worried that your partner is under the influence of drugs and alcohol and may not be thinking clearly or able to give consent, wait until the morning and check in again.

As a trusted sexual wellness brand, we at LifeStyles® take our responsibility to help sexually active young people make safe, smart choices very seriously. Education around consent is a major component of this.


Already celebrating and sharing our commitment to sex education via the proud placement of our consent message on every Lifestyles® pack, ‘top of pack’ visibility ensures consent is always ‘top of mind’.


The ‘Let’s Talk Consent’ initiative is the next exciting step for our consent mission.


And having successfully lobbied for holistic consent education to become mandatory in every school, every year, from foundation until Year 10 as of 2023, consent advocacy group Teach Us Consent are uniquely placed to partner with LifeStyles® in the delivery of this breakthrough campaign.


Under the partnership, LifeStyles® will donate 5 cents from every Lifestyles® 10 pack sold to Teach Us Consent to help further consent and respectful relationships education across Australia and, in consultation with Teach Us Consent, generate consent-focused consumer information campaigns to help drive behavioural change in intimate situations.


Our greater goal? As Teach Us Consent founder Chanel Contos states, it’s to make ‘every sexual encounter… safe, pleasurable and consensual.

In 2021, after realising an alarming number of her friends and social media followers had experienced sexual assault during or shortly after their schooling years, Chanel Contos started a petition to mandate earlier and more holistic sex education in the Australian curriculum.


She then launched Teach Us Consent, which created space for people to share their stories of sexual assault through online testimonies.


The petition received over 44,000 signatures, and 6,600 testimonies of sexual assault were submitted.


Thanks to Teach Us Consent’s advocacy, Ministers of Education unanimously agreed to mandate holistic and age-appropriate consent education.


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