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Whether it’s to enhance foreplay or stimulate some time alone, our range of safe, water-based lubricants help keep things smooth – so you can focus on what matters. Or choose a fun way to enhance the experience with condom compatible gels designed for full body and intimate massage - whether it’s with added fragrance, increased sensitivity or extra relaxation.


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Frequently asked questions

Is spermicidal lubricant harmful when participating in oral sex?

Neither the two lubricant bases, silicone and mono-propylene glycol, nor the spermicide nonoxynol-9 itself are harmful if ingested in the small amounts present on a condom.

What is the difference between water based and silicone based lube?

Water based lubricants are free of any smell, taste or colour and are non-staining.
Water based lubricant is easy to use and wash off with no leftover residue.Silicone based lubricants are designed to last longer than a water based lubricant, ideal for anal play.
It is taste-free, odorless and breathable.

Are your flavoured condoms and lubricants safe to be used for oral sex?

Yes. The flavourings used for our flavoured condoms are food grade and our lubricants are made with ingredients safe for human ingestion. However, you should always use a new condom if you switch between oral, vaginal or anal intercourse.