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We all know the classics; student/teacher role play, threesomes and that one with Princess Leia. But have you ever sat and wondered what your wildest fantasy would be, and nothing comes to mind? Well, unlocking your sexual fantasies may actually take some work.

Let’s start off simple. If you watch porn, read erotic novels, or just have an amazing imagination when masturbating, is there a common denominator in the genre, themes, or ideas that you enjoy? If yes, that may be the key to finding your first fantasy.

Now that you’ve uncovered a common theme in what makes you horny, it’s time to think about how (and if) you want to carry it through into real life. Broaching the subject with others may seem daunting but start the conversation with your sexual partner(s) and encourage them to do the same. It’s important to make sure everyone feels comfortable and are well-informed enough to give enthusiastic consent.

It’s important to remember though, that sometimes a fantasy is better for what it is, just a fantasy. If you think it will do more for you as a figment of your imagination, you don’t have to make it a reality. Whatever you decide to do, your unlocked fantasies are for you to enjoy. Click here to check out our condoms, intimate gels and toys to help you on your way.