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Be clear on what you want and don’t want, then just communicate that.

Your guide to fun and safe sex at Schoolies.

Schoolies is full of excitement, energy and of course, the all-important: blowing off pent-up study steam. Whether you’re already sexually active or thinking about Schoolies being the first time you do ‘it’, or that, or that(!), you should do it with confidence – knowing what you want well before you get there… Especially before any alcohol or expectations come into the equation.

Decide what’s on the Schoolies menu

With all the anticipation and study-induced daydreaming in the build-up to Schoolies, it can feel like Schoolies can’t come quick enough. There’s probably been plenty of discussion amongst mates and personal imaginings about what new sexual experiences may come up. Ya know, thoughts to break up the Science classes and the English essays and all the other stuff.

Just remember, penetrative sex isn’t the only thing that can bring you together. There are many sexual activities that you might decide are or aren’t what you’re hoping for or hoping to try with a partner. Decide for yourself before you discuss it with a partner. The most important thing is to play it safe and make sure you’re both on the same page – for the entirety of the experience. Be clear on what you want and don’t want, then just communicate that.

We’re not suggesting that every meeting should or would lead to a conversation about sex, but if it’s heading that way, just be upfront, respectful and honest.

It’ll feel better.

Discussing sex doesn’t equal consent

You might be craving a sexual adventure, while others might not be at all. Just because you feel a certain way, whether it be turned on, curious, ‘ready to go’ doesn’t mean that person you’ve just met is as well. Talk to them about it. Discuss what you feel like doing. And if you discuss where 

the day/night might lead clearly and respectfully then there’s a good chance your potential partner will appreciate it too. That doesn’t mean it’s time to tear open a LifeStyles packet and get into it – it just means that the conversation is out in the open and the topic of consent is on the table. 

Phones down

A moment of sexual exploration, joy, climax, embarrassment, or passion is between you and them. Not one person and another person’s friends or social network. Even if you think you’re taking a pic or a video just for you to check out later? Don’t do it. ‘What if I ask them first and they say yes?’ Still. Don’t do it. Plus, it’s usually better in your memory anyway.

Prepare before the moment comes

Like they said in school, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. There’s nothing presumptuous or fortuitous about stocking up on some LifeStyles gear – before Schoolies, during Schoolies and for the journey home 😉

Having condoms (and lube!) is a statement of responsibility, safety and sexual maturity – all in the name of a pleasurable connection, of course.

And…. msg your folks to tell them you’re all good

And… drink water. Lots of water. Trust us, you’ll feel better and have more stamina 😉