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In more recent times, the use of vibrators and other devices was common, but no one really talked about it.

Human sexuality has become far more prominent in modern culture over the past few decades, and as the subject becomes less taboo, so do many practices associated with it. Sex toys, for example, have been a part of the sexual experience in many cultures as far back as the ancient Roman Empire and beyond. In more recent times, the use of vibrators and other devices was common, but no one really talked about it.

In the 1800s, vibrators were used in a clinical setting to cure hysteria in women. This “disorder” is no longer recognized as an illness, and since then, the vibrator has evolved significantly. They were often marketed as massagers and everything about them was kept very hush-hush.

These days, however, there are many different options available that range from high-end devices available exclusively at adult shops to the inexpensive vibrating ring and personal pleasure massagers that can be found at drug stores and supermarkets, such as SKYN® VIBES PERSONAL PLEASURE VIBRATING MASSAGER. The stigma of using vibrating devices for pleasure is quickly vanishing and being replaced with commercials that discreetly advertise toys designed for intimate fun.

“For both women and men, vibrator use is linked with more positive sexual function, such as greater desire, arousal and easier orgasms,” says Dr. Debby Herbenick, the author of “Sex Made Easy” to CNN online. “It’s also something that most women and men feel positively about – there really isn’t the same stigma that, decades ago, people may have associated with sex toy use.”

Herbenick explains that nearly half of men and most women in the U.S & Australia have used a vibrator at least once. The internet may have something to do with the increase in sex toy use. Many are shy or embarrassed about purchasing intimate items from their local pharmacy. Now, people are able to order everything from pleasure condoms to vibrators and other items designed for getting down and dirty from the privacy of their own homes.

If you have never experimented with vibrating toys, you may want to start small, and the SKYN®THRILLS Vibrating Bullet could be a good place to start. This small massager has three different settings, is water-resistant and reusable. Vibrating rings are ideal for both partners’ pleasure, which makes it an ideal choice for men who may be hesitant to try the devices.

“Fortunately, most men are not intimidated by vibrators,” Herbenick explained to the news source. “Some men worry that their partner will prefer a vibrator over them, but most men don’t feel this way.”

If you do decide to try vibrators in the bedroom, be sure to take care of them. Wash and dry them after each use before putting them away so they are ready to go next time you and your lover are in the mood.