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Find Your Fit

Treat the penis to a condom that fits and feels good -It’ll thank you for it. Here’s a bit of info to help you find your fit. Using the right size condom provides an exponential growth in pleasure.



Slipping off? Try this tighter and snugger fit.



Our classic, Regular size.

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Feeling a little tight down there? Try our larger size for a bit more room.

Whatever the fit, we’ve got you sorted.

Explore our range below for the condom that’s right for you and your partner.

Regular Fit

LifeStyles® Regular Condoms

LifeStyles® Assorted Condoms

LifeStyles® Party Mix Condoms

LifeStyles® Ultra Thin Condoms

ribbed 10 pack condoms

LifeStyles® Ribbed Condoms

LifeStyles® Ultimate Pleasures Condoms

LifeStyles® Zero Condoms

Larger Fit

LifeStyles® Large Condoms

Closer Fit

LifeStyles® Closer Fit Condoms