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Dental Dam, Dildo, Discharge

Dental Dam

A dental dam is a thin sheet, usually latex and sometimes flavoured, that can be spread over a vulva or anus when giving oral sex or rimming. Using a dental dam can prevent possible STI’s.


You might have heard of them, but maybe you haven’t seen one – a dildo is an object used for masturbation and/or sexual stimulation. A vibrator is a type of dildo that uses batteries to make it vibrate for more pleasure.


Discharge is generally the fluid that comes out of a vagina. Discharge is completely normal, it’s what keeps the vagina clean. It’s totally normal for consistency and thickness of discharge to change throughout the menstrual cycle. Discharge doesn’t just relate to women, it could also mean the fluid from a penis – this isn’t semen or urine, and is also perfectly ok.

If your discharge is a different colour to usual or starts to smell, don’t be afraid, just get it checked out by your doctor or book an appointment at your local Family Planning Clinic.


Have you ever heard of the word drag and not understood what it’s about?

Drag means dressing up in the clothes of a specific gender for a performance. Drag queens wear highly feminine clothes and drag kings wear highly masculine clothes. Dressing in drag is different to being a transvestite, as ‘going drag’ does not indicate a gender identity.

Dry Humping

Dry humping is when two people rub themselves against each other when fully clothed – generally people rub their genitalia against each other when dry humping.