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Oestrogen, Oral, Orgasm


Oestrogen is a hormone that promotes the development of female characteristics.


If you’ve heard of your mates using the words oral sex, but you’re not sure what they’re talking about – basically it’s when a person uses their mouth (like kissing, licking or sucking) to stimulate someone’s genitals, giving them sexual pleasure.

Slang terms include: licking out (oral on a vagina/vulva/clitoris), blow-job (oral on a penis), fellatio (oral on a penis – and actually not a slang term), head, giving head and going down can actually refer to oral sex on either a penis or vagina/vulva/clitoris.


An orgasm is the climax of sexual pleasure, and isn’t necessarily easy to achieve. Every person experiences orgasm in a different way, and that’s ok. Some people may never have an orgasm: that’s ok too. In males, it usually accompanies ejaculation.

Essentially an orgasm is an emotional response from the brain that triggers the physical response, rather than being purely physical – there is no magical technique that works for everyone. Orgasms can be very pleasurable and leave you feeling relaxed, happy and connected to yourself and/or your sexual partner.


Another term you might have heard in biology class but, in case you don’t know this one, ovaries are the organ which produces, stores and releases eggs – females have two ovaries.