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Penetrative Sex, Penis, Perineum

Penetrative Sex

Penetrative sex is when a penis or an object is inserted into the vagina or anus.


The penis (or dick, or cock, or – well, there are a lot of terms for it) is the male sex organ, or genitals.

Normally, a penis is a flaccid fleshy organ that hangs down between the legs along with the testicles it can become hard and upright when sexually excited – when this happens it’s called an erection. Guys use their penis to both wee from and ejaculate (when stimulated).


You might not have heard of perineum, it’s the official word for gooch. The perineum is the sensitive area between the penis and the anus, or the vagina and the anus.

Period – Menstrual Cycle/Menstruation

If you’ve heard someone talking about their period, they are talking about the stage in the menstrual cycle when they are bleeding from the uterus, normally lasting between two-seven days – it’s totally normal and natural part of the female body.


A philia means a fondness or an unusual enjoyment of a particular thing.

It is used on the end of words. The word philia does not imply if something is good or bad, but some sexual philias are harmless and some philias are illegal.


Pornography is material that has sexually explicit content designed primarily to be viewed for sexual excitement. This can include photos, drawings, books or videos. Some pornography can be violent and degrading – this form of pornography can be against the law and is never ok.


Nice try guys…you’ll have to work out the different positions yourself – as long as you and your partner feel comfortable with what you’re doing then just discover what feels best for you both.


In case you weren’t listening in biology, pregnancy occurs when the female egg – or “ovum” – has been fertilised by the male sperm and a baby begins to grow inside the woman’s uterus.

Called a “fetus” – or a “foetus” – up until a certain time in development, a baby develops and is generally born after 9 months (about 40 weeks) in the womb.


Promiscuous is a word that implies someone has had a lot of sexual relationships, in particular short-term relationships. It’s a word that offensive, derogatory and judgmental and isn’t a nice way to speak to people – we don’t recommend using this one guys and gals.


A man’s prostate is a gland in the anus and it produces semen – it also just happens to be the male g-spot.


You might have already been through puberty, or maybe you’re just about to go through it.

Puberty is the time when your body will develop from being a child into an adult. Your body will go through a lot of changes and usually it will start when you’re between 9-13 years old. A lot of changes will occur throughout your teens, and can continue until your early 20s.

Pubic Hair

Your public hair will develop around the same time as puberty. You’ve probably heard of the more commonly used term “pubes” –the hair around the genitals of both males and females.

During puberty you’ll also develop lots of other body hair, under the arms and on your legs. It’s common for guys to develop lots of hair on their chest, back, bum and face (don’t worry if you don’t either – everyone is different).

Pubic Lice

You’ve probably heard of the sexually transmitted infection crabs, but it’s technically called pubic lice. Here at Sex ‘n Stuff we’ve put together lots of information for you guys and gals about STIs – click here for a detailed description on public lice.