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You need to do what’s right for you…

If your boyfriend is pressuring you to have sex then he isn’t thinking about what matters most to you.  Sometimes one person in the relationship will be ready to have sex, but the other person isn’t – this is completely normal and OK.  It’s important that you communicate to your boyfriend how you feel and let him know that you don’t feel ready just yet.  If he respects you and listens then he will support your choice.

Relationships should be fun and your choices and feelings need to be heard. If this isn’t happening in your relationship then perhaps your boyfriend isn’t the right person for you at this time in your life.

When making the choice to have sex it’s essential that you are ready in both your mind and body and most of all that you don’t feel pressured or uncomfortable.

Make sure you feel respected, supported and loved and never be afraid to communicate what you do and don’t want with your partner.

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