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First-time toy shoppers may be wondering what the difference is between vibrators and dildos.

More and more couples are choosing to use vibrating devices are part of their sexual activity. If you’re considering purchasing a sex toy for yourself or your partner, you may want to keep some useful tips in mind, according to POPSUGAR.

First-time toy shoppers may be wondering what the difference is between vibrators and dildos. While both are used in the bedrooms, dildos are used for penetration purposes, while vibrating toys, such as the SKYN® THRILLS vibrating bullet, are used to stimulate certain areas, like the clitoris. Because most females reach orgasm from clitoral stimulation, it may be best to purchase a vibrating device, rather than a dildo.

While vibrating toys have become less taboo in recent years, some people may still be hesitant to visit a sex shop or other retailer that offers adult toys. For this reason, it may be wise to shop around on the web and buy a sex toy online to avoid any awkward interactions at a check-out.

Shopping with a friend or lover can also make things easier. If you plan on using the toy with your partner, then you’ll definitely want to include them in the shopping process. Being open with your partner and talking about sex can make your sex life much more enjoyable.

The website reminds shoppers to check a store’s return policy in case the item does not work or is unsatisfactory. Additionally, when picking out a toy, investigate the material out of which the product is made to avoid any allergic reactions.

While people may still be hesitant to talk about their usage of vibrating devices, recent surveys from Indiana University published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine indicate that just under half of all men and more than half of women have used a vibrator at some point in their life, according to The New York Times.