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Labia, Latex, Lesbian


Another one you might have learnt in biology, the labia is the lips at the entrance to the vagina. Technically two sets of lips – the labia majora, which are the fleshy flaps on the outer part, and the labia minora which are the actual lips of the entrance to the vagina.


Since 1905, most condoms have been made from a natural rubber material – latex.

Natural rubber latex is actually extracted from the sap of a tree. Some people are allergic to latex and so synthetic condoms are gaining popularity, such as polyisoprene condoms. Many people prefer polyisoprene condoms as they provide a softer and more natural feel.

If you experience any irritation or burning sensation contact your doctor or local Family Planning Clinic as soon as possible – you might be allergic to the condom material or lubricant.


To be a lesbian is a form of sexual orientation. It means a person who is attracted to another person of the same sex (homosexual). It is more often used when talking about women who are attracted to other women. If you are questioning your sexuality and have some questions, there is nothing to be afraid of – you can ask an expert a question here.


If someone is talking about their libido it’s just another word to talk about their sexual desire or sexual appetite.


Lubricant or lube for short, is a liquid that can be used to make penetration easier and smoother during sex. It can also increase sensation and pleasure and help to relieve symptoms of vaginal dryness. Using lube with a condom is always recommend as it helps decrease the risk of condoms breaking. It is recommended you always use a water-based or silicone lubricant with condoms. Never use an oil based product with a condom – oil weakens condoms and increases the risk of breakage.

For more information on lube click here.


Lust is the emotion or feeling of strong sexual desire towards another person.