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Sexual health clinics are the best place to get checked.

Where can I go to get a sexual health check?

Great question!  Sexual health and sex in general can be a little uncomfortable to talk about, so it’s important you find the right person to help you.

Sexual health clinics are the best place to get checked.  Your local GP is also a great option, but often your GP is someone who you’ve been seeing since you were young, or perhaps they see your parents too and you want a little privacy when it comes to sex and stuff.

I suggest locating your local sexual health clinic.  Here you will find friendly staff who deal with this kind of stuff all day everyday – as they are government run they will also be able to bulk-bill you if you take your Medicare card along – that means the consultation will be free.  If you don’t have a Medicare card, call the clinic and have a chat to them, often there is still a way that you can get checked without having to pay.

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