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Sometimes in life, you just need to mix it up! If the standard make-out session just isn’t cutting it for you, there are plenty of different types of foreplay you can bring to the bedroom. Whether you’re in a monogamous long-term relationship or sleeping with someone new every night of the week – it’s important to get the appetiser right before moving on to the main course.

  • Introduce texture

A big part of foreplay is physical touch, so a great way to spice things up is by introducing something tactile into the mix. Using a feather to gently graze over your partners body, for example, stimulates the senses and arouses feelings of pleasure. Similarly, the smooth texture of ice cubes, plus their obvious chilling sensation, can be exhilarating for all.

  • Get food involved

We know, it sounds messy, but if you don’t feel like making a splash with chocolate sauce or whipped cream, why not try your favourite fruits or lollies? You can start by feeding each other and graduate to eating off each other’s bodies – the possibilities are endless.

  • Invest in some foreplay dice

We’ve all seen these in movies, but have you ever actually tried them out? Foreplay dice can be a great addition to your pre-sex game as they do all the thinking for you. Usually, you’ll be working with two (or more) dice: one has a bunch of body parts and the other sexy instructions. All you have to do is roll them and do as they say, simple.

  • Try a bit of BDSM

Don’t let the big, wide world of BDSM scare you. Okay, it can scare you a bit, but no pain ever came from a pair of fluffy handcuffs and a whip, right? Jokes aside, BDSM can seem very intimidating, but you don’t have to jump all in straight away. And you definitely don’t need any fancy equipment. To start with try experimenting with tying each other up using things you already have, belts, ribbons, just make sure you’re communicating well and both enjoying the ride. We encourage you to exercise your discretion according to your comfort, safety and communication.

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