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Bartholin Glands, Bi-sexual, Breasts

Bartholin Glands

When a female is turned on, or sexually aroused the Bartholin glands, which are located just inside the vagina, secrete a liquid. This is nothing to be ashamed of, the bartholin glands are a natural part of the body that help the vagina prepare for sex.


Bi-sexual is a sexual orientation. If someone has told you they are bisexual, it generally means they are attracted to both females and males, although it can involve being attracted to other gender identities as well.


Females generally develop breasts during puberty – but you’re likely to develop at a different rate to your friends. There is no such thing as the perfect size or shape, and chances are your breasts are bigger, smaller and different in shape to your friends. Don’t worry about comparing yourself to others – everyone is unique. Don’t stress if you have one boob bigger than the other too, this is pretty common.

Breasts are used to feed a baby when they are born, the breasts naturally produce milk during this time.