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Cervix, Chlamydia, Circumcision


A women’s cervix is the opening to the womb or uterus and is a basically a small passage between the uterus and the vagina. Found at the top of the inside of the vagina, it can feel like a small bump.


Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections, or STI’s.


Generally done at a very young age, male circumcision is a medical procedure that involves the removal of foreskin from the penis. It’s usually performed for cultural or religious reasons, but it can sometimes be done for medical reasons, such as if the foreskin is too tight.

Female circumcision is, unfortunately, still common in some countries around the world. It’s often performed forcibly and without consent. The procedure involves cutting off a part of the external genitalia, like the labia or clitoris. Also known as female genital mutilation, it is illegal and against a person’s human rights, causing severe long-term physical and emotional damage to an individual.


Cis is a term some people use to define their gender identity.

A general term that can include many different people, it just means that the gender identity you define yourself as is the same as the one assigned to you at birth – basically, you identify as the same gender as the one written on your birth certificate.

For example, you may define your gender as female and be biologically female – with a womb, a vagina and breasts – and this would mean you’re cis-gendered. Someone who defines their gender as being anything other than what’s on their birth certificate is trans-gendered – so, basically, “cis” means “not trans”


No it’s not urban legend. The clitoris, or clit, is a very small bump that sits underneath a little hood of skin just above the entrance to the vagina – and no it’s not inside the vagina.

An amazing body part filled with nerve endings that make it super sensitive, the clitoris is the only human body part that exists purely for pleasure. Don’t be freaked out if it swells up a little when touched and rubbed, this means a woman is aroused, it can even lead to an orgasm. Just remember to be gentle after arousal as it’s a super sensitive part of the body.

Slang terms include: button, bean.

Combined/Contraceptive Pill

The contraceptive pill, or simply “the pill” as you’ve probably heard it called, is a method of birth control for women. The pill is taken every day to control the menstrual cycle and prevent pregnancy. Containing the hormones progesterone and oestrogen, the pill helps to control the menstrual cycle.

Just because someone is on the pill it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a condom – the pill will not protect you or your partner against STI’s.

Although 99% effective at preventing pregnancy there is still a chance of getting pregnant. Safe sex means always using a condom.


If you’re having sex or thinking about first time sex, you need to know how about condoms. Also known as a ‘sheath’, condoms help reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) and is one type of contraception.

The type of condom you’re most likely to have seen and heard about is the male condom, made from a stretchy material that is usually natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, or polyurethane. It’s designed to cover a man’s penis during oral, vaginal or anal sex.

The other type of condom that you might not have heard of is the female condom. Inserted inside the vagina before having sex and remaining in place for the duration, the female condom has a soft ring that sits on the opening of the vagina to prevent it from sliding in.

Remember, condoms are the most effective barrier to protect yourself and your partner against STIs and HIV/AIDS.

Find out more about condoms here.

Slang terms include: Rubber, French letter, dinger, franga, jimmy.


Confidential means that information is kept private. Doctors and other professionals usually have to keep the information you tell them confidential.  If you tell them something they cannot tell anyone, not even your parents – unless you’re in danger of being hurt or might hurt someone else.


Consent is one of the most important things to understand when it comes to sex. Consent is when someone voluntarily gives their permission for something to happen. All sexual activity must be consensual.

If you’re still a little unsure, you can go to our Q and A section here.


Contraception prevents pregnancy and can come in the form of the pill or a condom. If you’re only using the pill as a form of contraception you’re not protected against sexually transmitted infections.

Unless you want to have a baby, it’s really important you always use contraception.

If you’re still a little unsure, you can go to our Q and A section here.


The corona, no not the beer, is the ring around the bottom of the head of the penis.


When people use the word come, or cum, they could be talking about the sticky substance ejaculated from the penis (semen or sperm). But, they could also be talking about female ejaculation – it’s totally normal and natural for women to cum too.


Cunnilingus is the name for oral sex when performed on a female.