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Rape, Rectum, Reproduction


Rape is a criminal offence. Rape occurs when someone is sexually assaulted, or forced to have sex against their will. If someone doesn’t actively consent to sexual activities it can also be rape so it’s really important to remember that no means no, and only yes means yes. Anyone can be raped, regardless of sex or gender.

If you have been raped or know someone who has been raped you should report it to the Police. If you need support, speak to a trusted adult, or book an appointment to see your doctor or local Family Planning Clinic. Don’t be afraid, it’s ok to ask for help.


The rectum it’s the first section of the tube inside the anus.


Another one you might have learnt in biology class, reproduction is the process of creating a baby. The male sperm and the female egg combine to form a fetus, which can develop into a baby.