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Urethra, Uterus,


We all have one, both men and women – it’s where our urine escapes from our bodies. The urethra for the guys is much longer than it is for gals – 20 centimeters for the dudes and only four centimeters for the chicks. For the guys it’s also the same tube that carries semen, but for gals, it’s a small hole just above the entrance to the vagina.


Yet another term you might have learnt in biology, the uterus, or womb forms part of the gals reproductive system. The uterus is where if an egg is fertilised by sperm a baby will develop and grow for nine months. If you’re wondering where exactly it is, it’s in the lower abdomen area and is connected to the cervix – each month, if an egg is not fertilised in the uterus, a gal will have her period and release this egg along with other fluid in the form of a period.